A Unique 100% Natural Fermented Papaya Supplement

The Osato Group

Mr. Yuki Hayashi is the President and Chief Executive Officer of OSATO INTERNATIONAL INC.a Japanese group that he founded in 2002, previously known as Neo River Inc. The Osato Group headquarters are located in Gifu, Japan, some 250 miles west of Tokyo.

Yuki Hayashi initiated the research that led to the discovery and production of Immun’Âge®.
Under his leadership OSATO INTERNATIONAL  INC.  has grown into several distinct entities:
o   Osato Research Institute (ORI), a non-profit organization dedicated to scientific research and development,
o   Osato Laboratory Inc., our manufacturing plant, and
o   Osato Distribution World LTD in charge of the worldwide distribution.

The Osato Group headquarters are located in Gifu, Japan, some 250 miles west of Tokyo, with distribution centers in the United States, Canada, and Europe, including Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, the United Kingdom.